Summer School Opportunities

Summer School Opportunities


Returning Students:


There are many options for summer school. All students and parents who are interested in summer school must speak to Ms. Haydel to ensure that they enroll in the correct course(s) for the summer: 


1. APEX Online Course Check In with Ms. Haydel: 60 Students will take an online course on campus. Priority will be given to juniors and sophomores. Students will know by May 15th if they will take our APEX course. Their enrollment is ongoing the entire summer.


2. Severely Credit Deficient Students should enroll at Options for Youth by mid-June. You will need a copy of your transcripts and a request form filled out by Ms. Haydel prior to enrolling.


3. Students without credit recovery should take enrichment Summer Courses at Los Angeles Southwest College, El Camino, or any other California Community College: High school students over the age of 13 can take courses (up to 11 units- typically 3 courses) and earn credit this summer for free. Students are responsible for textbooks and/or required course materials, but all other fees/tuition will be waived as long as they apply online now at: (Southwest) (El Camino)Please keep in mind that courses offered are college-level courses. Course availability will vary by campus.
Students New to TEACH Tech
Summer Bridge:


July 6th-17th - 2 weeks

  1. Virtual via teacher Zoom Rooms


Incoming 9th Grade Summer Bridge 

    1. Advisory - Ms. Lopez
    2. English - Ms. Garrett
    3. Math - Mrs. McAdams

Bell Schedule:

Advisory = 9:00 am - 10:00 am

Math = 10:10 am - 11:10 am

English = 11:20 am - 12:20pm