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Academic Achievement Skills

My name is Ms. Thompson and I will be the instructor for Academic Achievement Skills Course 2020-2021. This Academic Achievement Skills course is designed to support and assist students with learning, understanding and reinforcing concepts and/or assignments presented in their core academic courses. Students will have the opportunity to develop and strengthen good study habits and learning strategies through various instructional methods and interventions. Specific goals and objectives identified in the student’s IEP will be integrated into the class. The Support Teacher (Ms. Thompson) will collaborate with other teachers on a regular basis to develop study strategies and design lessons that meet academic requirements and standards that coincide with the materials learned in the core classes.

Students will be actively engaged in addressing the academic, behavioral, and social goals addressed in each student's Individualized Educational Plan (IEP). Each student's curriculum is designed to accommodate his or her specific academic and behavioral needs, enable his or her successful completion of the high school course of study, and facilitate his or her preparation for post-secondary options. My primary goal is to instruct my students in utilizing the goals and benchmarks outlined in their IEPs. I will focus on Language Arts (reading, language, and writing), Math, Transition/Life Skills, and I will collaborate with core education teachers and their curriculum/instruction.

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