Welcome to Distance Learning 2020

Message to students


Greetings TEACH students,

I hope everyone is healthy and safe during these crazy times.  I also hope you are spending this time to work on or explore a topic you've always want to check out.
I know this is can be a difficult time, but we want to continue providing you with a high quality education as much as we possibly can. This is a time for Growth and Redevelopment. You are all powerful. 


I am available via email, zoom and google voice.


Please email me if you want to set-up a separate conference or you can meet me on zoom during the designated hours. My official Zoom Room number is 303-328-6777

PLEASE follow the advice of the CDC and be healthy. Your health and safety, and that of your family, are important. I look forward to meeting with you guys on zoom. 

Your Art Teacher

Mr. Ojeda